Insurance Agency Companies

Obses LLC

Firm Title:

Obses LLC

Registered office:

Velimira Terzića 13, Podgorica

License No and date of issuing:

789-2/08 of 14 November 2008

FIN and unique company registration number:


CRPS registration number:


Name and registered office of the holder og interest and percentage of such interest in capital

Nataša Čabarkapa, Vijenac Kosovskih junaka 6, Podgorica - 100%

Executive Director

Nataša Čabarkapa

Members of the Board of Directors:


Firm Title and Registered Office of the Auditor, if the company is subject to audit of financial reports in accordance with law:

Not subject to provisions of the Low on Accounting and Auditing

Balance Sheet and Income Statement:

No and date of the decision on revoking license to the company:

Telephone number:  +382 20 218 973

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.